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Real Estate Related Legal Services

Although commercial and consumer creditor representation is currently the firm's largest area of practice, Mark A. Pickens,
P .C. has the capability to provide a full range of legal services to all types of business entities, individuals, and organizations in the following areas of law.

Mark A Pickens P.C.
Mark A Pickens P.C.

Tax Leins

Mark’s experience relating to ad valorem tax sales spans from the beginning of the tax sale process (advising clients relating to the rights of purchasers and concerning investment funding) to the end of the process (clearing of title and disposition of acquired properties), and everything in between. For over twenty-five years he has regularly represented tax sale purchasers, owners, and holders of liens against properties sold for taxes. He has cleared title all over the state of Alabama on properties through ejectment/quiet title cases, and in the process, resolved issues relating to abandoned property, bankrupt property owners, lien priority issues (involving IRS liens, mortgages, judgment liens, homeowner and condo association liens, and municipal liens), challenges to tax sales, claims to excess/surplus funds, and disputed redemption rights.


Mark A Pickens P.C.


Mark A Pickens P.C.


Representation of individuals, privately held corporations, publicly held corporations, and all types of business entities in a wide variety of business transactions, which includes participation in business negotiation, as well as, preparation of the underlying documentation with respect to matters such as,

  • Acquisitions and sale of businesses involving both stock and asset transactions
  • Planning and organization of new business entities, including corporations, limited partnerships, general partnerships, and joint ventures
  • Employment matters, including preparation of employment agreements and consultations with clients on a variety of other employment related matters.


  • Representation of individuals and all types of business entities in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and in administrative proceedings before state and federal agencies in the litigation of disputes involving all aspects of business and commercial transactions
  • Representation of banks, savings and loan associations, mortgage banking firms, and individuals in the litigation of disputes involving claims based upon lender liability, usury, debt deficiencies, and mortgage insurance
  • Representation of individuals and all types of business entities in the litigation of disputes involving all aspects of real estate transactions, including purchase and sale agreements, real estate leases, forcible entry and detainer actions, mortgage and security instruments, land title claims, encroachment and easement disputes, condemnation proceedings, partition actions, toxic waste disputes, lien claims, title insurance claims, oil and gas contracts, royalty and joint operating agreements, joint venture and co-tenant disputes, environmental disputes, and domestic and international arbitration


  • Mark A Pickens P.C.
  • Mark A Pickens P.C.
  • Mark A Pickens P.C.
  • Mark A Pickens P.C.
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